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From stumps to bees..

A days stump grinding was cut short due to ground Bees taking up residence in the hole below a wind blown stump. When I arrived on site to assess the stump I heard buzzing and it didn't take long to identify that the ground bees were busy nesting in the hollow below the stump. It took me no time at all to realise that no more grinding was going to take place today, the thought of earning money whilst destroying the home of one of our most important allies in pollinating our plants was a no brainer. I then couldn't refuse the offer of a quick cup of coffee and a chat with the customer who will now monitor the bees and will inform me when they have moved on. Before I left I nipped back to the stump and took a video for you to see of the bees happily doing their thing.

Ground bees are solitary but as in this instance, if a suitable home is found it is not unusual to find them happily living together. They are none aggressive, hence how close I was able to get to take a video and the male bees actually lack a stinger.

I took pride in knowing that I left site today and that no bees were harmed in the making of this video...

The sump the bees claimed

The start of days stump grinding

Some stumps were removed

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